4 Things to Look For: Replacement Windows and Doors in Citrus Heights, CA

replacement windows in or near a Citrus Heights, CAWindows and doors are not something that most people buy more than a few times in their lives. As a result, most people aren’t very familiar with what makes a quality window or door that will perform well and last a long time. So when you do need to buy replacement windows and doors in Citrus Heights, CA, what should you look for? At Hall’s Window Center, we recommend you start with some important, but often overlooked basics. Here are four things to remember as you begin researching these products:

1. Energy Efficiency

The window and door industry is filled with every imaginable product. Manufacturers know they need to create and sell products that consumers want, but the way they choose to do this can vary widely. Some focus on visual aesthetics; some aim to sell based on the lowest price, others compete on desirable features. These are all well and good, but they might not prioritize one of the most important functions that windows and doors should provide: efficiency.

Inefficient windows and doors fail to conserve energy used to heat or cool your home. As a homeowner, this means added discomfort as you bounce the thermostat up and down, trying to dial in the perfect temperature. It also means your monthly energy bills will always be higher than they could be if you had energy efficient windows.

The best window and doors will be Energy Star rated. The U.S. Environmental Agency and the Department of Energy have championed the Energy Star program for decades now, encouraging manufacturers to create products that meet high energy efficiency standards. Their products are submitted for testing and ratings. This helps both consumers by keeping their utility costs down, and it also helps the planet by reducing our carbon footprint. When you shop for windows and doors, always look for the Energy Star label.

2. Safety and Security

As you look for replacement windows and doors in Citrus Heights, CA, make sure you consider the safety and security features. These openings in your home are the most vulnerable points of access. Here at Hall’s Window Center, we assess all window and door products to make sure they meet minimum forced entry testing standards. If a window or door are not rated to withstand the stress that could occur in a smash and grab situation, they’re probably not worth a second look.

Locks and hardware should be inspected as well to review their ease of opening from the inside. In an emergency, poorly designed locks can quickly become a safety hazard. For example, if a panicked person is unable to quickly unlock and open a window to escape a house fire or gas leak, they might not make it out alive at all.

3. Aesthetics and Visual Customizations

In recent years, more and more manufacturers can offer personalized customizations to their window and door products. As a customer, this means you can choose to craft build your windows and doors to your personal specifications and preferences. Options for customization may include glass type, insulation value, frame color, material, hardware, design, features, etc. If you need to build a product to fit an odd shape or off sized opening, that can be done as well. The best part is, all of this can be done without any reduction in product quality or performance.

4. Installation Matters

A poorly installed window or door will not perform up to its potential. Even if you bought a high-quality product, you might not get the energy efficiency savings you were counting on. That’s why it’s important to hire a qualified installer. Any general contractor worth their salt can probably figure out how to secure a replacement window or door in place, but did they do it per manufacturer specifications? And are they certified to do the installation in the first place? If not, watch out.

This is one of those industry “gotchas” that you can easily avoid. Be sure your installation team is trained and qualified to install your new windows and doors. It may cost more money but it is absolutely worth the extra expense to get it done right. Down the road, if anything does go wrong, your warranty coverage won’t be at risk of being declared void due to improper installation.

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