For the majority of Roseville homeowners, protecting their family and belonging is a top priority. Which is why so many homeowners invest in security alarms and specialty locks for their doors. While your home may seem protected, have you made sure that one of its easiest access points has been secured? Your windows play a major role in the security of your home, and picking the right material is a major part of ensuring your home is protected. Here we will be discussing some the many ways that fiberglass windows in Roseville, CA help keep your home safe and sound.

Fiberglass Windows Have Unsurpassed Strength

Fiberglass is by far the strongest window material made.  This makes them the number one choice for durability and lifespan.  In fact, a recent case study shows that fiberglass can have an up to 38% longer lifespan than vinyl.  Because it is lightweight yet strong, fiberglass has long been used in the manufacturing of skis, surfboards and canoes.  Fiberglass can be up to nine times as strong as vinyl windows.

Fiberglass Windows are Weather Resistant

When it comes to security, weather may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the weather outside can dramatically alter the durability of your window frames. Some window materials, like wood, have the tendency to hold on to excess moisture. Once this occurs, weather damage like molding and rotting begins to distort the frame, making it easy to maneuver from the outside. Keep your home protected by using fiberglass windows, which are weather resistant and will not hold on to any excess moisture, dramatically reducing the chance of damage occurring within the frames.  Also, because fiberglass is sourced from glass, the glass window panes and fiberglass frames expand and contract at the same rate.  This creates a stronger, long-lasting seal with less chance of failure.

Fiberglass Windows Are Easily Enhanced for Safety

Another downside to older frames? The fact that many of them are not compatible with modern security hardware, making it difficult to have extra safety measures added on. If you would like to enhance the security in your home, choosing a window material like fiberglass is a wise move. Fiberglass windows are currently the most popular window material in the country, which is why so many manufacturers make sure that their products are compatible with them. This means it’s easier to update the security hardware on your windows.

At Hall’s Window Center protecting you, your family, and your belongings are our top priority. That’s why our window experts will happily answer any questions you may have regarding the security features found on our fiberglass window selections. Our experts can also provide you with a free, no pressure, and informative consultation to help ensure that all of your window needs are being met. To speak with an expert today or schedule your free consultation just give us a call at 916-669- 1469 or feel free to stop by our showroom floor and view our fiberglass window selection in person. We are located at 11297 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742.