What happened when a Philadelphia Daily News columnist called the mother of Comcast CEO Brian Roberts to tattle on the horrible things his company was doing? “The net result was that one would-be subscriber, who had previously been frustrated by 14 screwed-up Comcast appointments, wound up surrounded by Comcast trucks in a matter of hours,” reports TIME; or some serious customer service over-compensation, if you ask us. Unbelievably, that’s not even the most extreme example of the lengths a customer will go to be heard!

At Hall’s Window Center, it is our mission to listen to our customers the first time around. In fact, over the past 40 years, we’ve come to attribute our longevity to just that: exceptional customer service. Since 1976, our continued conversation with our customers and unmatched transparency has shaped our company’s culture into one based on customer trust, feedback, and loyalty.

Too many businesses today risk alienating their current customers with sub-standard practices because they don’t understand the true value of a happy customer. Unwittingly, they create legions of unhappy, dissatisfied customers who will never return. While that may not seem like a great loss, Business 101 stresses that when you lose a current customer, it opens you up to losing future customers, potential customers, employees, and ultimately, your reputation.

That’s why Hall’s Window Center has built an understanding among its employees that the products we offer are merely an extension of our customer service offering. No matter how exceptional the products we sell are, if we don’t see that our customers are taken care of first–everyone suffers the consequences.

Picture this: you go to a multimillion-dollar company’s webpage, like say, Comcast. The first thing you see is a smiling picture of the two founders, and right below them, an arrow that points to both of their prominently displayed, personal cell phone numbers. Unheard of, right? Know that when you visit Hall’s Window Center online, that’s exactly what you get.

As a result, Hall’s is proud to boast hundreds of five star reviews spread across a variety of un-curated, independent websites. In fact, we challenge you to search “Guild Quality” (http://www.guildquality.com/HallsWindowCenter ) and find a four star review. Go ahead! On this site alone, Hall’s Window customer service has garnered 387 ratings and virtually all feature five stars.

How do we do it?

As one of our generous reviewers puts it: “I recommend Hall’s Window Center, to anyone! Their windows are made quite well and the employees are nice people. The salesmen and the installers are very professional and they answered all of my questions effectively!”

Not only have we narrowed down the vendors we carry from hundreds to just three nationally ranked of their kind; we guide our customers through every step of the selection process and help them arrive at a very good idea of what each window will look like upon installation.

After that, we take the time to schedule an appointment with you. Our installation experts always arrive on time, do their jobs in a reasonable amount of time, and leave your house as they found it. As one of our happy customers, Carl puts it, “the quality and workmanship of our windows is exceptional. The crew was great and the final results were beautiful.” He’s not alone in his experience!

Mary C. of Carmichael, CA, reminds us that our exceptional customer service is the number one reason why our customers keep coming back for all of their home improvement needs: “We replaced a front door, a sliding glass back door, and all of our windows with Halls. I’d recommend them in a flash!”

The secret to Hall’s success lies in the mission announced on the company website:

Since 1976, Hall’s Window Center’s focus has been and always will be customer service – we just happen to sell replacement windows, doors, and siding. We are a company that listens to our customer’s needs. We provide 3 benefits you won’t find anywhere else in Rancho Cordova and Northern California areas: best products in our industry, complete in-house start-to-finish workmanship, and a unique guarantee that fully ensures you are a satisfied customer for life. Our promise to you is that you will absolutely LOVE your Hall’s Experience.

See for yourself at https://www.guildquality.com/HallsWindowCenter