When Central Valley resident Pat Martin began the search for new windows on his home, he refused to compromise his philosophy: “Don’t go with the short-term, cheap fix,” he says. “Do yourself a favor. Your home is your castle. Go a little extra.”

But just what does quality mean in the window world? After all, you can find manufacturers represented at multiple retailer outlets. So for many homeowners, a quality experience depends on the service they receive.

So start with an established company rather than a contractor who is your cousin’s buddy looking to start his own window installation company. Too many times, the intentions may be good, but the execution doesn’t live up to the financial investment you’re making. And that’s one reason Martin and his wife, Monica Lowe, put off this decision for 10 years.

For starters, he kept running into experiences like the salesman who, during a house call, told the couple, “Now if you don’t want this company, I could do the windows for you at a lower price.” The offer did not impress Martin, to say the least.

“What a weasel,” he says. “He was a real slimy character. I tell my friends, ‘You want good products, you want good quality and you want excellent installation, you go with Hall’s.’” Lowe gives two thumbs up to the fact that Hall’s crew has passed a rigorous background check.

We have to be honest: this kind of feedback is what we live for. You see, our definition of quality includes sending installers with experience to your home. You won’t be someone’s debut job or an apprentice training test. Our customers have specific needs, and we don’t believe in cookie cutter projects.

For instance, Martin and Lowe chose wider replacements than the original windows, which called for construction. One of the windows needed to be custom sized, which involved cutting into the home’s stucco and even the framing itself—two conditions that called for was engineering. Architectural drawings. Permits.

Hall’s Window Center will handle all of these details. And, when we make an appointment, you can bank on the fact that we’ll keep it.

“They would call us and tell us what was going to happen, get everything scheduled, and they’d call [as a reminder],” Martin adds.

And when the project is done, our crew cleans up and locks up, so you return to a home that’s ready for your lifestyle. Find a glitch, as Monica did?  One of her window screens had a snag in the pattern. “We called, they came right out and changed that out,” she says.

“All you have to do is put your good faith in Hall’s Window Center and let them do the rest,” Martin adds.